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There are many initiatives existing of sustainable, responsible and/or ecotourism that have potential to contribute to the specific mission of replicating LT&C examples worldwide. LT&C is neither competing with them nor copying those broader approaches but rather supporting them.


  • Most national parks would not exist, if tourists would not visit them.
  • 50% of all tourists visiting foreign countries make use of protected areas (IUCN)
  • The estimated sum of 30 Billion USD needed every year for the management of a global complete network of protected areas can be raised by tourism. It is only less than 0,5 % of the global tourism turn-over.
  • There are many good examples (LT&C examples) in the world, where tourism is supporting the establishment, development and management of protected areas by means of finances, education or political action.
  • It is therefore the specific task of LT&C to promote such good examples and find ways how others can learn from them.

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